QSR stands for Quick Serve Restaurant and is another term for a fast food restaurant.  I’ve used this in several posts and I’m not sure I explained and for this post is probably should explain it.

Several of the store sites are probably right for a QSR and I’m going to ask the consultants doing the site studies to evaluate what impact the QSR will have on a particular site. Here are some of my thoughts.

The QSR business model is very similar to the convenience store business model in a couple of ways. In most ways, franchisees of QSR’s have multiple locations.  They, the QSR franchisees, create enterprises, in many cases multimillion-dollar enterprises.  Convenience store owners, particularly branded gasoline operations are multimillion-dollar enterprises, with multiple locations.

I won’t be looking to lease space to an external QSR owner-operate, I will be looking to own and operate the QSR as part of the complete business enterprise. There are few challenges to make that work.  Here are a few that immediately come to mind:

1) Which franchise?

2) How can I manage multiple operations, the convenience store operation and the QSR operation,

3) Who will be a component partner to help run this business,

4) There are already owners for almost all the top QSR’s operating in the stores’ markets; how do I break in and how.

I don’t have answers for these questions but as I get further, I’ll figure it out.

This line of business is part of the plan, just gotta figure it out.

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