This a Good Business. I Need Assets to Buy

I accidentally discovered this company as I was looking to identify some new assets to buy. 

I made a list of stores to check out and this company owns one of the stores on my list.  I’m taking this store off the list but this is an example of how you can grow this business. 

Owned by Tyler Petroleum Inc.

BTW, this is a shitty store.  Hard to imagine that one of the more successful companies maintains shitty stores.  Well, that’s not entirely true since the stores I bought from Conoco, one of the largest companies in the world were shitty.

I need to find at least 10 new stores to keep my deal alive with Texaco. I don’t trust the current guy.  It’s been a year.  We should be wrapping this up.  Actually, I refuse to call him anymore. I need to have the banks and contractors hold so I don’t waste their time like this guy has wasted mine.

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