Who’s Up Next?

Who’s Up Next?

Well, the sellers must have said fuck it.  They have not replied to my email or returned my call.  This has gone on way too long.  I’m not going to chase them and try to convince them to sell me assets they already said they were willing to sell. Fuck em.

I must find new assets to replace these 14 stores or I risk losing credibility with Shell, Chevron, my banks, and the private equity fund.  There has been a lot of work put in to make this work and that work should not go unrewarded so I must create the reward by finding new assets to buy.

The next week or so will be spent identifying owners of multiple stores.  Here’s kind of challenge. There are few big companies and by big, I mean major players in the East Texas market, that own a lot of stores. Those stores are easy to identify because the store brands are easy to identify, not the fuel but the store brands.  I’ve got to find stores with no “distinctive brand” and see if those owners have multiple locations.  What I will probably do is just keep a running list.  I may be able to string together enough stores to create a package.  In an odd kinda way, that’s what I was doing with these crazy-ass brothers that owned the 14 stores.  Hopefully, what I identify will be owner-operators rather than tenants.

Let me answer the question that might be in your mind as I read this, maybe you have two questions.  First one, if they come around would I pick their deal back up? My answer is unless they come with the shit we agreed they would provide, fuck em.  I need to get some new action from them and a phone call or a meeting without some documents is a waste of fucking time.

The question you may also have is, ‘what do I think happened?’ Honest, I don’t have a clue.  I speculated in a prior post that it might have something to do with race.  I’m not backing off that but, I don’t know for sure.  My answer is the same, fuck em.  I refuse to be held hostage by people that can’t be open and honest during a multimillion-dollar transaction. 

Fuck em

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