Save the Apology

If someone apologizes to you and continues to do the same shit, it’s pretty clear the apology wasn’t sincere.  What does it say if you keep putting yourself in a position to get screwed? Something, I just don’t know what yet.

Needless to say, this fucker, the seller is apologizing for repeatedly shooting me the finger. He called to set up a meeting for yesterday then he didn’t show up. When he was a no-show I texted him to see where the fuck he was.  He called to tell me he was sorry and gave some shitty excuse that I didn’t hear cause I cut his ass off with a, I just left, don’t worry about it.’   Then he says he would call today to reschedule for today. Who the fuck does he think he is calling to schedule a same day meeting? He doesn’t think I have shit to do but wait on him? He’s just a disrespectful bitch, obviously!!

This fucker calls today and says he has a funeral this evening? How do you forget you have a fucking funeral when you’re trying to schedule a meeting? Did a motherfucker die in the morning and they’re burying him the same day? Maybe that’s a cultural thing. Fuck that.

I’m done. Clearly, he thinks I’m one to be fucked with. I don’t know why he continues to fake the meetings. I don’t know why I continue to fall for this shit.  Yes, I do.  I wanted to do this deal.  He’s definitely not serious. 

I’m serious about not calling his ass again or reserving time to meet for him to say ,”fuck it.”  I guess $6 million is not enough to get him excited.

I’m done for the reasons in the last two posts.  I need those brain cells for the next deal.  Now I gotta undue all the shit I’ve planned.