Offer Expired. It’s Time to Move On

This motherfucker doesn’t really want to sell these shitty-ass stores.

I gave him an offer at the price we agreed to. I added some language to protect myself against environmental issues.  It’s a fair offer.  Fuck that. It’s better than a fair offer. It’s a premium price considering there are no historical financials and there is not going concern value. 

The offer has expired and I’m not gonna try to chase him down and beg for this deal. The best thing I can do is put together a better group of stores and keep all the relationships together. I’ve put a deal together, at least the “business” pieces together.  I need to find the operations piece and keep. it moving. 

I’ll talk to this bitch but I’m not gonna spend time chasing him down or begging him to do this deal.

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