The biggest component of any business’s success is people.  That goes for lard companies as well as entrepreneurial enterprises.  Finding then, keeping and giving the opportunity to positively impact the business.  Oh, and people include the founder.

My challenge, one of my many challenges with Blue Diamond is finding the right people. I can’t afford to live or work in a silo if Blue Diamond is going to be successful.  We will be a $50 million company. To get there and stay there I need leaders committed to the journey and dedicated employees capable of contributing in meaningful ways.

I’ve posted 4 leadership jobs to Indeed and am I’m waiting for candidates to apply.  Another source for the leadership team members will be the private equity firm.  It’s not the time for word of mouth candidates yet. I’m too early in the transaction and haven’t signed a definitive purchase-sale agreement.  As soon as that agreement is signed and I have pathway to the equity and debt, I’ll put the word out

The tricky part is I have to have the leadership team hired and in place 30-45 days prior to closing the deal. We have to have systems setup, processes defined, venders aligned, get renovation project plans together, and get other “Day-1 activities ready all in time for closing.

Right now, the echo chamber has a sole member, me. That won’t cut it.

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